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Warranty Policy

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Orient Lighting (OL) products are guaranteed for a period of 5 years, 3 years. The guarantee condition is any performance failure occurs within warranty period caused by non-human damage. There is no charge for replacing or repairing defective products. Meanwhile, OL will cover all the shipping cost for the return and will be responsible for shipment from our distribution center in Shanghai, China.

Guarantee Standards

LED Strip Light

1) 5-years warranty –LED Strip Light of Premium Grade

2) 3-years warranty –LED Strip Light of Standard Grade

LED Neon Light & COB strip light – 3 years warranty

Aluminum Profile 5-years Warranty

Warranty Claim Procedures

Distinguished customers, we apologize for any dissatisfaction caused by our products or services, if you meet any quality problems about our products, we’d appreciate if you could assist us in providing the following information so that we could solve it for you as soon as possible.

1) Original invoice issued by Orient Lighting. (E.g. ABC company-OL-1607193264)

2) PI number, product code and quantity. (E.g.OL-1607193264, OL-2835FH-12024-WW, 5 meters)

3) Descriptions of defective products. (When and how the problems occur, any details will be helpful)

4) Photos or videos are the most useful information for both of us.

Please contact your sales representative or our Customer Service Team (contact ways are in the bottom) when you have all the information prepared, we will follow up and make sure it will be solved quickly.

Follow-up Procedures

1) Inspecting the returned product within 7 working days.

2) Once we acquire the testing results, it will be sent to our customers within 2 working days.

3) Discussing and confirming the final solutions with our customers within 3 working days.

4) Implementing the final solution upon the agreement made between us within 3 working days.

Return Policy

If the quality problems of the returned products are caused by our company, we will replace or repair the defective products; if customers could not accept the solution for replacing or repairing the defective products, the payment of defective products will be refund to buyer’s bank account or credit buyer's account in Orient Lighting for future orders. OL will not reimburse or pay for unexpected costs or expenses, including without limitation labor or other costs associated with removal or reinstallation of the product, even if it is ultimately deemed to be defective.

Exceptions:1) Product had been modified by the user.

2) Product was not installed or maintained according to manual or specification accompanied.

3) Product was subject to unusual physical or electrical stress, misuse, or negligence.

4) Product was non-defective or product defect was not related to Orient Lighting product functionality, including third- party modifications.

5) Other damages caused after receipt of product by customer.

6) If returned product is found to be non-damaged, the product will be returned to customer, at customer's expense.

7) Updated July 01, 2016Any return without authorization of Orient Lighting will not be accepted.

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